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A Spinone on the Northumberland Coast (#2)

Sadly, the holiday is behind us now – holiday weeks are always the shortest of the year, aren’t they?

Warning! This post seems a bit like a travelogue. But it might help fellow travellers feel confident to visit the area with their dogs.

We had a great time. Great company, beautiful scenery, plenty to do, and good dog-friendly options. The weather was very kind, but the cold wind needed treating with respect. We were impressed with our holiday home, which had nice little ‘extras’ which we kept finding as the week went by. Although we were a little less excited about the immediate locality, we did love the old part of Beadnell, the harbour and the wonderful beach. It formed the perfect base to explore the area, which we would heartily recommend as a holiday destination. We stayed with a company called Stay Northumbria ( and are happy to recommend them!

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A Spinone on the Northumberland Coast (#1)

What a great few days!

The journey up to Northumberland went well. Ozzie had a good walk just before we left, and after a brief clean up he was keen to leap into the back of the car, knowing full-well that we were off on a trip. He has a fair bit of boot space to himself in the back, and usually settles down once we reach any speed. We don’t use a crate – although we did when he was a puppy.

Ozzie the Italian Spinone on Beadnell beach, Northumberland, October 2010

On Beadnell beach, Northumberland

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Packing the Spinone, too.

Delighted to say that Ozzie’s leg seems to have recovered by itself.  The inflammation has settled and he has been moving freely and not even bothering to lick it. This is a real relief, because we are about to go to the coast of Northumberland for half-term week and we expect plenty of walking, on the beaches, in the Cheviots, and around Berwick, Alnwick and the like.  We are staying in a holiday let with close friends. They don’t have a dog themselves – but Ozzie has adopted them anyway.

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Possibly, maybe

This morning the wound on Ozzie’s leg had actually opened up again a little, and we had some discharge, but Ozzie seemed quite relaxed about it.

After the school run it was back to the vets, and quite a long wait in the waiting room. Unusually, there were two separate German Shepherds in the room, and both were very aggressive, snarling and barking, which made the atmosphere a bit tense for all.

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Oh No not again

Ozzie’s foot has flared up again, looks like we are back to the vet. The wound after surgery was healing well and Ozzie has been enjoying the liberty of being off the lead again – it has been purgatory for all concerned keeping him on the lead – but yesterday it was looking angry again, and today he has begun limping and licking it. We tried to cover it up with an old sock but I think he had that off in less than five minutes, which is pretty unusual, so it must be bothering him.

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