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The Fair-skinned Spinone

Dogs scratch.
We all know dogs scratch.
But over Christmas and into the early months of this year our Spinone seemed to be scratching more and more.  We were reasonably confident it wasn’t the age-old enemy, fleas. For a start, this was a funny time of year for them, and anyway we, along with a large number of other dog-owners, have been following what we hoped was preventative ‘best practice’. We’ve been keeping his bedding as clean as possible, and using Frontline® for his outsides and Drontal® (and new kid on the block Plerion® once, but we struggled to get that in Ozzie – but that’s another story…) for his insides. This is not a cheap routine, although the liberalisation of the sale of these drugs means that in the UK there is at least a little price competition now. As we live in the countryside, Ozzie has access to all sorts of rubbish by the river, and we are often passing through fields where cattle or sheep have grazed, so it just seemed the sensible precaution to take.
Anyway, we didn’t think his scratching was likely to be fleas or anything like. We wondered if it was perhaps caused by the extreme weather conditions. Ozzie had been moving from warm centrally-heated houses to freezing temperatures and snow, and back again, thawing wetly on our floors, several times a day, for what seemed like weeks on end.  Surely this was likely to make him itchy?

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