Packing the Spinone, too.

Delighted to say that Ozzie’s leg seems to have recovered by itself.  The inflammation has settled and he has been moving freely and not even bothering to lick it. This is a real relief, because we are about to go to the coast of Northumberland for half-term week and we expect plenty of walking, on the beaches, in the Cheviots, and around Berwick, Alnwick and the like.  We are staying in a holiday let with close friends. They don’t have a dog themselves – but Ozzie has adopted them anyway.

Ozzie knows there is something going on – bags accumulating, excited children, late-night ironing.  He watched intently as we gathered our Spinone Travelling Kit together – extra bowls, dry shampoo, emergency grooming kit, first aid for his paw should it flare up, Turtle mats, poo bags… Perhaps we have lost the art of travelling light and agile: this seems like the early days when we were travelling with a baby!

He joined in the general excitement the only way he knows how:

  • by trying to get us to play tug-of-war with his rope at inappropriate moments;
  • by always being in the way;
  • by trying to get various parts of his anatomy (but mostly his snout) zipped into all of the bags;
  • by helpfully unpacking his towels and toys;

Anyway, we think we are just about ready now. A long drive awaits us all.

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