Possibly, maybe

This morning the wound on Ozzie’s leg had actually opened up again a little, and we had some discharge, but Ozzie seemed quite relaxed about it.

After the school run it was back to the vets, and quite a long wait in the waiting room. Unusually, there were two separate German Shepherds in the room, and both were very aggressive, snarling and barking, which made the atmosphere a bit tense for all.

We decided last night that we just wanted to give the leg a bit of time to sort itself out, perhaps eject any foreigh body itself, rather than go back around the operation -> recuperation loop again so soon. The vet was happy to agree, and felt that the flare-up may have been the result of the antibiotics wearing off – Ozzie finished the course on Friday. It was hard not to agree with this. As we are looking forward to half-term week away in Northumberland, we really don’t want to have Ozzie bandaged and hobbled. An Italian Spinone on enforced limited exercise is not particularly good company. Lets hope for the best.

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