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Not more snow…

“Oh no, not more snow!”

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These are words we had never expected to hear from our youngest, but hear them we did. The first snow was greeted with delight, but it wasn’t really very much, just a light covering.  But then, after the thaw, came much more – 15cms overnight.  More delight, although this was tempered by the fact that their school had already broken up for Christmas, and it is well known that the very best snowfall is the sort that means school has to close. We all enjoyed exploring the new white world, with Ozzie bounding around flinging snow everywhere.

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A Spinone in Wonderland

-> Pictures at the end! – Oz.

We are all, to a lesser or greater extent, creatures of habit. This suits our Italian Spinone, who is definitely a creature of habit. He does not need clever modern technology to tell him when it is time for his next meal, or next walk, or the school run. Although he handles change of routine pretty well, and positively enjoys trips to new places, most of the time things are routine.  I think this applies to most dogs and their owners. We tend to take our dogs out for walks at the same times, and usually to the same places.  This means that on our routine walks we often meet the same dogs and their owners, all out on their routine walks. This gives all concerned a chance for some social interaction.

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