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Dog owners and left-bag syndrome

Update: Wrote this this morning, and then heard a big piece on the BBC news about it this evening! Very Woo Woo!


Dog waste – called poo, or mess, or any number of other more or less colourful euphemisms – is a divisive subject.

Would you stop your dog cr*pping here

A plea from the heart

Clearing up dog mess is the thing most often cited by our non-dog owning friends as a reason not to have a dog. And certainly, clearing up after a large Spinone with an upset stomach is not the most pleasant occupation.  However, anyone with children will have faced far worse.

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A Spinone in Wonderland

-> Pictures at the end! – Oz.

We are all, to a lesser or greater extent, creatures of habit. This suits our Italian Spinone, who is definitely a creature of habit. He does not need clever modern technology to tell him when it is time for his next meal, or next walk, or the school run. Although he handles change of routine pretty well, and positively enjoys trips to new places, most of the time things are routine.  I think this applies to most dogs and their owners. We tend to take our dogs out for walks at the same times, and usually to the same places.  This means that on our routine walks we often meet the same dogs and their owners, all out on their routine walks. This gives all concerned a chance for some social interaction.

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The loneliness of the winter dog walker.

When we settled on adding an Italian Spinone to the family, we thought one of the positives would be that it forced me to take breaks from work, reconnect with reality and get out and about – in short, walk the dog. And that has indeed been the case, and I feel all the better for it. But as another winter approaches, I’ll admit to mixed feelings.

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