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Possibly, maybe

This morning the wound on Ozzie’s leg had actually opened up again a little, and we had some discharge, but Ozzie seemed quite relaxed about it.

After the school run it was back to the vets, and quite a long wait in the waiting room. Unusually, there were two separate German Shepherds in the room, and both were very aggressive, snarling and barking, which made the atmosphere a bit tense for all.

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Oh No not again

Ozzie’s foot has flared up again, looks like we are back to the vet. The wound after surgery was healing well and Ozzie has been enjoying the liberty of being off the lead again – it has been purgatory for all concerned keeping him on the lead – but yesterday it was looking angry again, and today he has begun limping and licking it. We tried to cover it up with an old sock but I think he had that off in less than five minutes, which is pretty unusual, so it must be bothering him.

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