The Spinone Carrot Ninja

A 36 kilo hairy gundog ninja is perhaps hard to imagine. Amongst our daughter’s school friends, ‘ninja’ has become a verb, as in ‘to do a Ninja’. Well I can now exclusively reveal that our Italian Spinone can do a ninja, too.

I can be working in the kitchen, preparing snacks or meals, and be opening and closing the fridge and cupboards, and Ozzie will be asleep in another room, seemingly oblivious. I can turn from the fridge with tomatoes, celery, courgettes or other vegetables fresh from the crisper without incident. But if I turn from the fridge with a carrot in my hand, Ozzie will have ghosted to my side. This is such a regular experience, it no longer makes me jump. In fact it has become a game. I try to turn the radio up, cough loudly, rattle jars in the fridge to disguise my stealthy opening of the crisper, silently withdraw the orange object, turn – and there he is.  It is clear that it is Ozzie, and not I, that is the carrot Ninja.

The Italian Spinone Ninja

Surely I deserve a carrot for that recall?

Our  Spinone likes his fresh veg, with raw broccoli and cucumber being near the top of his list.  But without a doubt the clear favourite is carrot. We even use it for dog training: where other dogs at the classes were rewarded with meat or biscuit-based treats, Ozzie would sit and drool enthusiastically for carrot – and still does. It’s not that he doesn’t like meat or biscuits, it’s just that we would prefer the satisfying crunch of a fresh carrot. And I suddenly remember that when he was a puppy we caught him helping himself to our home-grown carrots growing in the raised bed!

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  1. Ozadmin says:

    Just been corrected by my daughter. Apparently it is not ‘to do a ninja’, but rather ‘to ninja’, as in “to ninja it down the stairs”. So now we know.

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