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Useful stuff about Italian Spinone gundogs:

The first place to go to get more information about Italian Spinones: The Italian Spinone Club of GB

General UK-based information about pedigree dogs: The Kennel Club UK

UK-based charity for dogs: The Dogs Trust

Ozzie’s breeder – who provided us with a happy, healthy, well socialised pup, plus all the information we needed to get started, and the offer of continuing support should we need it: Bannonbrig Spinone

Useful on the web:

Petcare and grooming kit with great service: Groomers Online

Getting the right kind of lead for a big dog can be very important.  When we are out with Ozzie in new places, or on the school playground – or anywhere where we want to be sure of full control, we use a lead and headset from Dogmatic.  This company originally developed this style of lead specifically for Italian Spinone, but they have become popular with many other breeds of dog. They give full control, but Ozzie stays comfortable, is able to eat, drink and pant (and dribble, and slobber etc.) as normal with it on.  Make sure you get the right size – the company will help ensure you do. [No, we don’t have an affiliation or shares!]


nb. Carolyn Fry’s book is now only available second hand.

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  1. Carolyn Fry says:

    Thanks for referencing my book ‘The Italian Spinone’. This book is now available as a limited reprint at Carolyn Fry

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