Why a Spinone Blog?

We decided to create a Spinone gundog site in response to the way people react to Ozzie. He makes people smile (particularly children)!

This happens not just when we meet other dog owners, but also when we are in town or even on holiday.  We have lost count of the number of times complete strangers have come up to us to pet him, and ask about him. These often end up as long chats!

Italian Spinone gundog on the charge

Here I Come... Spinone on the charge

This seems a bit surprising to us, because a male Italian Spinone is a big dog, and we assumed that most non-dog people (and even some dog lovers) would be wary.  And, indeed, some are. But the vast majority of people react very positively.  Perhaps it is because he is a big and shaggy dog, and [usually] quite well behaved. As he has been fussed over by complete strangers since he was a little puppy, Ozzie is usually completely unruffled by such attention – in fact, he sometimes seems to be a bit miffed if the human beans ignore him. Best of all he likes the school playground.  Our youngest has changed school recently, and that means a whole new set of youngsters to mob and fuss over him. We always keep him on a tight leash, and try to gently educate the enthusiastic mob in how to approach a dog safely, but Ozzie accepts the fuss with great good humour.

So, as Ozzie is already partly ‘public property’, we decided to share the enormous fun we have with him – and the trials and tribulations, too – in this way.

Owning an Italian Spinone is not a trivial commitment, as you will see if you look about this site, and read some of our blog posts.  It certainly wouldn’t suit everybody, but it does suit us. We hope you enjoy!

A footnote about the photographs on this blog. They have all been taken by family and friends.  In particular by Mike, a keen amateur photographer.  Thanks, Mike!
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4 Responses to Why a Spinone Blog?

  1. Dan says:

    Hi I don’t know if anyone can help me but we are looking to get a new addition to our family in the shape of a spinone… Our last dog was a German short haired pointer so we are reasonably aware of the training requirements of hpr dogs. I also like to work a gun dog. My question is are there any spinone meets/events during the next month or so that we could attend for my wife and children to familiarise themselves with the breed in the south east of England? As my breeder is unfortunately in the north! Many thanks Dan Morris

  2. YANA AND NICK says:

    Hi! What a wonderful dog! So looking forward to find one! 🙂 My partner and I are looking for a new addition to our family. We just moved to a new house in Surrey so there will be enough space for playing and long walks. Would you recommend the best way to search for puppies? It seams quite difficult to find a breeder through Web. Many thanks!

  3. Joyce Cole says:

    My heart is broken because my 13 year old best friend/Spinone, Scout, died yesterday. She was the smartest, sweetest, silliest, best natural hunter ever! (My guess is that most Spinone owners could and would say the same thing). This breed is very special and needs to be well-socialized, spoken to like a person (they are very intelligent and learn vocabulary…don’t underestimate them!), and treated with the utmost of respect and kindness. They aren’t like regular hunting dogs and can have their sensitive spirits easily broken.

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